Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 9 "Theory to Application"

At this point I have used accurate references and measurements and basic drafting techniques combined with rototscoping and pantographing to get some basic shapes of the separate parts of the TOS Enterprise, i.e. the Primary Hull, the Engineering hull and neck and now the nacelle. I don't feel I really need to explain the process much more unless there are questions. Since there have been no questions recently I'm going to proceed as if there are none and cininue with less narrative, more photos and details. You should be able to follow along without to much trouble if you understand the methodology that I'm using.

If you look at a couple of the photos you can see that I'm matching my rotoscoped screen captures to Alan Sinclair's existing prints. I'll be matching my work up with virtually every reference I have available and cross referencing those to each other as well as looking for errors. You can see that I've also used John Heilman's work as well.

I've included a picture of the TOS pylon grill that I created for the 1/350th that I created a couple of years ago.

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