Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 11 "Details Details Details."

I'm going to take this time to display more of the details of the TOS Enterprise before compling everything into a preliminary draft of the various orthotic views of the ship. I should note that even though I started out with X-rays of the actual ship I seem to have focused on screen caps of what was a pilot version of the ship. This was done because the basic shape of the ship never changed, with few exceptions the overall shape of the ship stayed the same. The main differences were the addition of some details and the shape of the bridge and nacelle end caps. Other wise the ship held its original shape. Though the screens that I used came from the episode "Mirror Mirror" you can clearly see that the ship used here was from one of the first pilots, most likely the version from WNMHGB. I'll get into the two different pilot differences at a later date. Most of that has been covered before and there isn't much need for me to regurgitate that info. My primary focus is creating a set of prints for the Series version, however, I would feel neglectfull if I didn't cover everything.

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