Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 10 "The Devil Is In The Details."

Below are some more photos for us to look at concerning the actual details of the TOS Enterprise. I'm showing actual photos of the ship before its 92 "Restoration" and a photo from the DS-9 episode "Trials and Tribbleations." I figure that since Greg Jein and Doug Drexler worked on this episode and since they had all of the information available to them from Paramount, they had to know what they were doing. Some say there is no copper ring behind the deflector rings and I say there is. It make sens when it come to symmetry and I've seen this ring up close in hundreds of screen captures that I did for TrekPulse and TrekCore, so I know that it's there. Also of note is the shape of the ring around the lower sensor dome. I don't think any model out there got this right and I have as yet to find a blueprint that shows it correctly. I may be wrong, but I do want to get the detals right. Note the shape of the rings around the lower primary hull and the fine, pencil grid lines. I've plotted out the shape of the port and starboard details for the engineering hull and will add all of the preciously shown details into a final draft of the ships profile.
There is one anomally the confuses me and that's the shape of the dorsal, or neck of the craft. in one of the photos it clearly looks rounded and in the next it looks flat, I'm going with rounded for symmetry.

Charles Adams did a fine article on the TOS Enterprise awhile back and it seems that he used some of the same reference shots that I have. He also show some of the details of the nacelle and impulse engine that I will be including.

I went back to the Smithsonian photos to verify the neck shape and angles before I do the final draft of the profile.

More to come...... =/\= Same Trek time, Same Trek channel......=/\=

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