Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 5 Parallax, POV, Plotting...

Parallax, is essentially how objects are distorted according to your view. In 2d we only deal with the X,y, axis, in 3 dimensions we have the added z coordinate, this is when things go nuts, at least as far as observations are concerned. You can't create a true orthographic drawing with the added z coordinate, this is why draftsmen draw isometric, or orthographic drawings to look at an object in multiple views. Even CG artists start with blueprints, or orthos to create a 3d image. More on that later. To understand parallax more clearly check out the wiki here.

Besides using the X-Ray of the engineering hull, I went back and cut out some sections of the screen captures I showed earlier. I used these sections to plot points and obtain angles to check my work and add to it. I printed up the enlarged screen capture where I had plotted out the curvature of the neck to primary hull section, used a french curve to get clean lines and cut it out as a traceable template.

In summary, in a very short time, using empirical data, accurate references and screen captures I'm well on my way to having my engineering section complete.

It's taken my longer to edit this blog, take pictures, adjust them and organise things than it has to do the actual work. After this point the blog should move along at a greater speed..... Whoosh........=/\=

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