Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 6 "Of Accuracy and Symmetry"

For many years Star trek modelers were perfectly happy to build the AMT TOS Enterprise kit. Later some modelers started trying to make their AMT kits a little more accurate. They fashioned and refined more accurate parts and later still there grew up a cottage industry the catered to the modelers that wanted more accurate versions of their favorite ship.In late 79, early 80 TMP showed up on the big screen and we all had to have a copy of the movie ship. Even later Star Trek TNG came on the scene and of course every good Trek fan wanted more models. Over the years the modelers demanded more accuracy, more models and more of everything. Thus the cottage industry grew. Now there are so many after market kits and supplies that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all.

Let's look back at the actual model, its lack of symmetry and the fact that an accurate version would look very funny up close.

The photos below show in part that the actual model had its issues, not the least of which was droopy nacelles, an asymmetric primary hull, not to mention the various derrivations of the ship from the pilot to the production version. More on that later.

Much more to come........=/\=

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