Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 3 "Learn all that is learnable."

Before I proceed with creating my own prints, I had to nod to a few that have went before me. I started building my own 1/350th Enterprise about three years ago, maybe a little more... I wanted to show that it really isn't all that difficult. It may not be quick and easy, but it is doable. When I first started, like this discussion, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible and use the simplest parts and easiest methods I could come up with, so that others that didn't have my experience could follow. At the time I used Alan Sinclair's blueprints and a card model created by Ron Caudillo, based on those prints. I also used info from Charles Casimiro's blueprints. I'm not going to rely to heavily on either of these, but felt obligated to link to some of the best looking prints available for free. Others have used these prints and the data included and have taken credit for the discoveries included in them. I will not do that. So, here are a couple of links to the prints.

Alan Sinclairs' Prints.

Charles Casimiro's Prints.

Charles included a lot of callouts of specific details.

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